Elementary Academics

The Lower School student at Cathedral Academy learns in an environment that provides a rich blend of strong academics combined with opportunities for individual and social growth, all from a Christian perspective. Emphasis on a basic foundation in fundamental skills incorporates a variety of experiences to enrich each day. A student develops a love for learning, discovers individual capabilities and gains knowledge and an understanding of how all things fit together in God’s plan as revealed in His Word.

Grades 1-5

  • Bible themes include God’s love and care, acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, conforming to the image of Christ, developing a personal life-changing relationship with Jesus, and growing in relationship to Christ through Bible study, prayer, devotions, worship and praise.
  • Weekly Chapel
  • Reading program combining phonics skills and comprehension instruction with reading of texts and quality literature
  • Auditory comprehension
  • Language development and vocabulary enrichment
  • Writing mechanics: spelling, capitalization, punctuation, usage and penmanship
  • Writing process challenging students to analyze relationships, organizational principles with writing skill development/application of topic development, supporting details, examples and styles
  • History, geography, Christian citizenship, economics and culture
  • Mathematics content (number systems, operations, geometry/ spatial sense, measurement, statistics/probability, fractions, decimals/percent, use of algebraic variables and logical reasoning)
  • Mathematics processes (communication, reasoning, problem solving, computation, and patterns and relationships)
  • Science program engages students in science through action, inquiry-oriented experiences by asking questions, conducting investigations, using tools, finding evidence and sharing evidence and ideas.
  • Integrated social studies program from the child and home, to community, and city of Charleston, to South Carolina, and regions of the U.S. and other countries
  • Computer Lab and Media Center
  • Art
  • Music
  • Field trips
  • Physical Education
  • Extended Day Program available