High School Academics

High School Curriculum Overview

Graduation Requirements: Students may earn a possible 30 credits in college preparatory and honor-level courses. Dual Credit courses through any other institution must be pre-approved before enrolling in the class and must be a class that Cathedral Academy does not offer.  Students must graduate with at least 24 credits:

English – 4 credits

English I
Honors English II
Honors English III
Honors English IV
AP English

Science – 3 credits

Physical Science
Honors Anatomy

Foreign Language – 2 credits

Spanish I
Spanish II

Fine Arts – 1 credit

Physical Education – 1 credit

Math – 4 credits

Algebra I
Algebra II
Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors Calculus
AP Calculus

Social Studies – 3 credits

World History
US History
American Government/Economics

Bible – 4 credits

One year of Bible is required for
each year of enrollment at Cathedral Academy

Computer Science – 1 credit 

Elective studies
– 4 credits   *Electives vary from year to year.

Worship Arts (This elective may require an application and interview.)